You are currently viewing Personality Quiz: What color dragon would you ride?

Personality Quiz: What color dragon would you ride?


You see a boat sinking during a storm. Do you rescue them?

There's a party in the woods after curfew. Are you going?

You captured a Goblin with vital intelligence, but he won't talk. What do you do?

Where would you most like to be stationed?

You've been invited to the king's feat with dignitaries from all over the Seven Nations. What do you eat?

You're flying in formation on a mission when you see someone in need of assistance. Do you help?

You get into an argument with your best friend. Do you apologize?

How did that argument take place?

Should we honor the treaty and share our eggs with the other Dragoneers of the Seven Nations?

What is your favorite color?

Why did you want to become a Dragoneer?

Personality Quiz: What color dragon would you ride?
You are an Orange Rider

Orange dragons are bred for size. As the front line in battle, they laugh in the face of danger. For Dragoneers who wear orange, courage is about facing your fears, about doing the thing, not because it is easy, but because it was hard. Some question whether this courage is foolhardy, but you can always count on an Orange to stand up for what they believe in.
You are a Red Rider

Red dragons are bred for their steadiness in flight. Likewise, they and their Dragoneers are renown for being steadfast, loyal, and a little bit stubborn. When a Red loses their temper, you know you’ve crossed a line, and you should be very, very afraid.
You are a Green rider

Green dragons are bred for maneuverability. Like them, the Dragoneers who ride them can be flexible as the situation warrants. They are great problem solvers, able to look at issues from different directions, and think outside the box. Sometimes, but not always, that flexibility applies to their morals, as well.
You are a Blue rider

Blue dragons are bred for speed. They and their Dragoneers are quick to love, quick to temper, and quicker to conclusions, whether right or wrong.

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