Royal Dragon
Dragoneers Book 1

book cover depicting blonde woman in yellow dress standing in front of blue dragon and darkened portico

In a kingdom threatened by goblins, Princess Kalia and her dragon Farean must join the Dragoneers to protect their home and fight for their future.

Kalia, a 15-year-old elven princess, finds her life turned upside down when she accidentally bonds with Farean, a dragon hatchling. Suddenly, Kalia is whisked away to Tulta, the prestigious school for Dragoneers, where she must learn to navigate a world she never imagined being a part of.

As Kalia struggles to find her place among her peers and overcome her fear of dragons, she’s faced with challenges that test her courage and determination. At Tulta, she encounters Authand, a disabled Dragoneer Colonel who runs the school and becomes her mentor, Esgeril, a new friend who stirs unexpected feelings within her, and Lewon, a fellow student she’s drawn to, despite his dark secret.

When a war against the goblins threatens the realm, Kalia must rise above her doubts and fears to embrace her newfound destiny. With the support of her dragon, Farean, Kalia learns the true meaning of acceptance, not just of herself, but of those around her.

Royal Dragon is a heart-pounding adventure that explores the power of friendship, love, and self-discovery. As Kalia faces insurmountable obstacles, she learns to redefine her identity and embrace her true calling. This tale of courage, sacrifice, and acceptance is perfect for fans of Eragon and Dragonriders of Pern. Join Kalia as she uncovers hidden truths, forges unbreakable bonds, and takes flight on the wings of destiny.

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Dragon Run
Dragoneers Book 2

book cover for Dragon Run. Dragoneers Book 2 by Ash Roberts. Silhouettes of a woman in front of knights on horses with pennants in front of a starry night sky with mist in the foreground
Kalia thought things would change after the Battle of Tulta, but she was what needed to change. After years spent doing nothing more than a spoiled princess—she finds herself compelled by forces beyond her control into an adventure so perilous it may cost her everything she’s ever loved.
Dragon Run is an exciting novel about one young woman’s struggle to find her way in a world where she never really belonged

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Feral Dragon

Feral Dragon a Dragoneers story

To say that Authand yearned for adventure would be a lie. Life on his father’s farm was hard – always too much to do and never quite enough to eat – but it was his and that suited him just fine.

But sometimes life doesn’t give us what we want. While hunting, Authand finds something unthinkable, a lone dragon egg. Imprinting on a dragon hatchling means his life will be anything but ordinary. Especially when his father, the gentlest man he’d ever known, reacts violently.

Armed with nothing more than his wits – and a dragon – Authand must find his way to the famed Dragoneers for a place to call home in a world that has little love for a Black man… or a feral dragon

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Courage is a Gift

Courage is a Gift featuring Dragoneers story Alu

Representation is vital. No matter what we identify as, we need role models who resonate. In fiction, we need to read stories about people who are like us, written by people who are like us. In this second My Voice, My Story anthology, Mariëlle S. Smith, Sìne Màiri Ní Ailpín, and Ash Roberts have collected a variety of stories by and about transgender, non-binary, and genderqueer people.

From high school experiences to fantasy adventures, from sci-fi sages to transition tales, Courage is a gift has something for everyone, no matter how they identify as.

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