Home of the Dragoneers

A thousand years ago, an alliance was formed during a great war. Ever since, fearless Dragoneers fight threats against their homeland.

These are their stories

Books by Ash Roberts

When the god, Farr, and the goddess, Ash, first came to the world that would become known as the Seven Nations, they found it wild and free. Ash, who loved nature, was content to leave it that way. But Farr was never content with what he saw as chaos, and wished to build order.

He kept at Ash until she agreed to help him build a race to rule over the world. Together, they made dragons. But dragons proved to be too wild, too much of magic, for Farr. He stole some of Ash’s magic to create a race more suited to his desires, humans.

Ash, discovering his treachery, stole from him and created elves to balance the humans.

When Farr found out that Ash had done, he banished her to tree form, to watch over helplessly as he turned her elves against magic.

He was only partially successful, and created a splinter group. They abhored magic. These elves became known as goblins.

Meanwhile, humans and elves intermingled and created elementals, humans with the magic of the elves. But humans are as ill suited to magic as elves are to its lack. It changed them in ways that Farr despised, and he banished them to an island continent far away from the humans and elves.

But some managed to escape, intermingled with humans and created werewolves and vampires.

With magical races flourishing and outnumbering the non-magical ones, he brought the goblins and humans together which created two lines. The orcs took after the humans more, tall and fierce looking, but kept Ash’s love of nature.

The dwarves looked more like the goblins, shorter in stature, but with Farr’s desire of order and building.

Meanwhile, the goblins despised magic and declared war on elves and dragons alike. It was only through the treaty of Vernis, creating the Dragoneers and the bond between dragon and rider, where victory seemed possible.” – Treaty Day